At JoF, we encourage everyone to be discipled by someone and eventually disciple others. The goal of discipleship is three-fold.

1. to help you to know Jesus personally (non-Christians are welcomed to apply)
2. to help you to develop the discipline of walking with Jesus daily
3. to prepare you to make other disciples (Matt 28:19-20)

The call to discipleship as taught in the Bible is not easy. The modern day easy Christianity tend to produce low-commitment-nominal Christians. When Jesus calls disciples to follow Him, He expects high-commitment-radical Christians. It is all about commitment. Keep in mind that the commitment level goes both ways because, the person who commits to disciple you will invest themselves into you for 26 sessions. If God is pressing your heart to take the next step in your Journey of Faith with Him, we encourage you to submit an application for discipleship.

How does JoF Discipleship work?
1. Fill out the below online discipleship application form
2. One of the pastors will review your application and contact you with more information
3. If your application is approved, we will pair you up with your discipler/disciplee (male if you are male, female if you are female)

Curriculum: One on One with God by Jerry & Marilyn Fine
Cost: $20 (at cost discipleship book)
Commitment: 26 sessions (two 13 sessions semesters with a break in between the semesters)


Discipleship Application
You are considered a member if you regularly attend a JoF worship service.
Put \"none\" if currently not attending a church.
If you are an active member of another evangelical church (not JoF), please provide a written approval (letter or email) from your pastor blessing you to be discipled at JoF.
Commitment: 26 sessions (two 13 sessions semesters with a break in between the semesters)