JoF Finance Form
This online reimbursement may be completed and submitted using a smart phone.
What ministry is the expense for? For example, Journey Kids, Women's, and etc.
Ministry Leader will receive a copy of the expense submission email
For expenses exceeding $100, overseeing deacon will receive a copy of the expense submission email and will need to reply with approval
Full Name (First and Last)
Please provide your phone number just in case, we have to contact you via phone in regards to this submission.
Please provide your email to receive an email confirmation and in case we need to contact you in regards to this submission
Explain the reason and the purpose of the expense.
Enter the exact amount spent in the format of xxxx.xx
Provide the full name of the person to make the check payable to. Put n/a if no reimbursement needed.
Enter the exact reimbursement amount requested in the format of x,xxx.xx (put 0.00 if no reimbursement needed).

Click on \”Choose File\” to either take a picture of the receipt using your smart phone or to locate a file. Please submit ONE submission per ONE receipt.