The Beginning

In the summer of 2001, the Korean Central United Methodist Church (KCUMC) launched an English ministry to reach out to second-generation and English speaking Asian-Americans. The ministry held its first service on June 3, 2001 as Central United Methodist Fellowship. As both KCUMC and its English ministry continued to grow, they moved from their old location on Irving Boulevard to the current location on Carbon Road in Irving.

Steps Towards Independence

In 2004, Central United Methodist Fellowship took its first steps towards becoming an independent church, by becoming financially independent from KCUMC. This would mark the beginning of a change in relationship between KCUMC and its English ministry, as the two would build on becoming partner churches. In 2005, Pastor Ray Park became the interim lead pastor of now Central United Methodist Church, and would officially become the lead pastor in 2006, alongside Jaewoo Kim as the singles and worship pastor.

Strong Identity

The year 2008 would mark several significant changes for Central United Methodist Church, as it would continue to solidify its identity as a church. The first significant milestone in 2008 was a name change to Journey of Faith Church (JOF). Another major event was a change in church affiliation from the United Methodist Church to the Southern Baptist Convention.

As Journey of Faith Church, we continue to be faithful to the vision that God has given to us to save the lost, build the saved, and send them out to do the same. In 2010, former singles and worship pastor Jaewoo Kim was commissioned from JOF as a full-time missionary in the areas of worship arts and ethnic worship. That same year, JOF commissioned other missionaries to countries like China and Iraq.

Journey of Faith Today

In 2011, JOF moved to its current building in the education wing of KCUMC and its current worship location, Appenzeller Chapel. 2011 was also the year JOF celebrated its 10th year anniversary.  In March of 2015, JOF erected a monument sign in order to fulfill the mission of God within the surrounding community.