Passport is the foundation and first step to your journey as a believer and as a part of the body of Christ. We will be exploring the relationship between church and believer and how we fit in together as Journey of Faith Church. We will also get to study and explore the truths about God that we hold most dear.

Passport will serve as a membership class and allow you the opportunity to covenant with JOF for the first time, or re-assess and renew your covenant with JOF. JoF Passport Membership Class allows you to covenant with this local church body for encouragement and support. The covenanted members commit to voluntarily share responsibility, service and sacrifice with the rest of the Journey of Faith family.

When and Where

Passport is a four-hour class that will meet at church on Saturday 3:00-5:00pm and Sunday 3:00-5:00 pm. The scheduled dates for 2015 are

  • Feb 21-22


Is Passport only for new comers to JOF?

No, Passport is for everyone regardless of length of time spent at JOF.

Is Passport a membership class?

Yes and no. Passport will serve as a church membership class, but its purpose is more than just membership. Passport will set the foundation for being part of a church body and is the starting point for all other classes and ministries at JOF.

What if I’ve already taken a membership class at JOF?

We ask that everyone at JOF take Passport so that we refresh and re-examine what it means to be a part of a church and how we stand together in unity. Upon completing Passport, all members of JOF will be asked to take Passport again once every five years.

Journey of Faith Church strives to constantly evaluate how we can best serve God and fulfill His mission for our church. Just as individuals change, some aspects of who we are as a church and what we do can change in a heart to better serve God. That’s why it is important that we periodically come back to square one together so we can continue working together for His kingdom.

What if I’m not ready to commit to JOF as a member?

Signing up for Passport does not automatically enroll you as a member. We will ask that upon completion of the class, you prayerfully consider entering into a covenant with JOF. Take the covenant home, take some time to digest it, reflect upon it, pray on it, and return it when you feel ready.

What if I can’t attend one of the days?

It is HIGHLY encouraged that you complete Passport in one weekend. However, make-up sessions will be handled on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. Talk to us.

Will there be childcare provided?

Childcare will be provided for children ages 3 and up.

How do I register for Passport?

Register here!